[BREAKING] Deadman Rashaun Releases New Single, “The Greatness”

[BREAKING] Deadman Rashaun Releases New Single, “The Greatness”

“If you’re original, your work will speak for you. It will come naturally if you let it. If you hone-in on your craft, God will put you in the path of greatness.”

            While growing up in Lexington, South Carolina, Rashaun (aka Deadman Rashaun) was always around music. His mother, Pastor Inez Cook used to write gospel music and that craft trickled down to her son. This lead Rashaun to get involved in drama, theatre, and chorus classes in high school. He first wanted to be an actor and wasn’t into rap, even though everything he’swritten and his stage presence made that hard to believe. Around the age of 16, he watched a show for the first time called “In the House,” starring LL Cool J. It was then that Rashaun knew he could be a successful rapper and actor at the same time. Will Smith and Queen Latifah were setting that example for him as well. He always enjoyed listening to different genres of music and this is what later led him to opportunities in the music industry.

              As the years progressed, Rashaun took a step back from his craft to support hi family. During this time, he never stopped writing music, making mixtapes, and doing small performances. In the early 90’s, during the big Daddy Kane era, Rashaun, along with Tony Ruth, Pat Williams, Steve Cannon, and Mike Glover formed a group that went by the name 190 Proof. They first started out traveling to different areas to compete in dance battles. Not too long after, Rashaun met a DJ by the name of One Man Gang, who developed artists. One of the members of the group, Step Ready Tony felt it was a good idea for them to stay together. Soon after working with One Man Gang, the group developed skills in rapping back and forth while the others danced in the background. Even though Rashaun continued to get offers from different labels, he remained loyal to his group and the buzz around the group began to grow. “Social medial wasn’t the same back then so we had to rely heavily on the word of mouth of our fans. This is why it was so important for us to put on a good show, so they didn’t forget us,” he said.

Rashaun made sure that his perspective was felt, in every song he wrote. “I love women to death. I love to see them rise, especially a woman in charge.” He said he recently wrote a song in support of the #MeToo movement and donated it to the N.A.H. Society of Domestic Violence and Assault titled, Why Didn’t You Ask? The song It’s about Time, was also written to promote women’s empowerment with a dance vibe to it. Rashaun prides himself on writing music everyone can get into and owes that to listening to a variety of music throughout the years.

               “I think it’s important to just be yourself instead of trying to sound like the last 20 rappers we hear on the radio. Music will always be round; and so will you if you learn the game and how hard to work to stay in it,” he added. He has opened up for artists like Angie Stone, Lil Scrappy, Masta Ace, and Brian McKnight. His song, Recipe, has the potential to be on the soundtrack for an upcoming movie titled Killing Hasselhoff. While working on new material to release, Rashaun has plenty out for listeners to check out.

                  Currently, “Get Low” and “On Fire” are songs that will guarantee to get listeners hyped and taps into Rashaun’s dance and rave vibes. These are a few of his more up-tempo songs that DJ’s can mix with relative ease from anywhere. “I want to give my listeners what they want so by appealing to different demographics, I know I am doing that,” he said. He has also dabbled in country music and wrote a county/hip hop song called “When the Crows Call”, which has a Maroon 5 and/or Hootie and the Blowfish feel to it. Devil’s Brood had been nominated for best rap album from the Independent Music Awards, and his single, I’m the Man was acknowledged by the legendary hip hop rapper, Yo-Yo. Rashaun’s songs are currently being played internationally.

          Now signed to Tiffany Gaines’ SS Music Group/Universal, his new single, The Greatness is being played throughout numerous FM, Internet and college stations worldwide. The single is available on all digital outlets.








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