[BREAKING] Honey G – Jerk It

[BREAKING] Honey G – Jerk It

It’s official! Honey G’s new single is a huge hit overseas!

As many of you remember, Sharon Osbourne warned X-Factor star Honey G, the U.K.’s own hitmaker, not to sing in that competition. Well, thankfully Honey didn’t listen and instead kept moving forward. In her new single, Honey sings the chorus and flows like a dapper over the verses.

Her new song, Jerk It, is one for the entire family. The video also features choreography from Harrogate’s finest, Sophie Zealand. Together, Sophie and Honey worked on perfecting the new chicken wing dance that Honey’s already performed at her Lorraine show, energizing the crowd, who began to follow along enthusiastically. The new dance is easy and fun to learn!

All Honey can say, ‘Well, we’ve silenced Sharon Osbourne’ and of course, she’s made Robbie Williams proud!

Honey G’s new single, Jerk It, released September 27th 2019, and we’re proud to announce that Honey G is now taking radio and live performances bookings.

Richard Jones, music manager for Honey’s H to the O Music, has secured Honey G the opportunity to spend a night in the DAMAC Versace luxury apartment at Nine Elms in London, so you, too, can experience the luxury of being an independent gangster rapper.

It’s time for a comeback for the MC from North Weezy, so hang on tight.

When I say Honey… You say G!

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