‘COLORS’ & AIAIAI Release Headphones Used on the Show

‘COLORS’ & AIAIAI Release Headphones Used on the Show

For years, fans of COLORS have been asking about the headphones artists wear during their performance. Now, they’re finally providing not only the answer, but a chance to adopt the same aesthetic.

Danish headphone manufacturer AIAIAI has provided the minimal aesthetic and high-fidelity audio since 2016 via the TMA-2. A special COLORS edition of the model is now available with a sound setting preset configured by the show’s engineer, as well as COLORS branding on the inner headband. The TMA-2 also comes standard with bluetooth-enabled wireless, 20 hours of playback, and a modular design to upgrade or replace individual parts.

You can pre-order the headphones now for $276 on COLORS’ website. Shipping is set to begin in mid-December.

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