Coldplay Release Latest Video “Cry Cry Cry”

Coldplay Release Latest Video “Cry Cry Cry”

Coldplay really tugs on your heartstrings with their new video for “Cry Cry Cry.”

Despite the song title, the video shows how a relationship blossoms over time — when you’re on the dance floor. Starting with puppy love, the couple then show their more grown up heated passion for one another.

And finally it ends with duo well into their older years but still doing what they love — dance. Throughout the whole clip, we see Coldplay providing the soundtrack for this couple’s love.

Filmed in London’s Rivoli Ballroom, the chorography was done by Celia Rowlson-Hall. And Dakota Johnson makes her debut as co-direct with Cory Bailey.

“Cry Cry Cry” is off Coldplay’s first double album, Everyday Life, which released last November.

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